KENYA Summer 2015 Wildlife Crime Project Launched

LWOB's eighth year of trial advocacy programming launched in August 2015, with a 10 day combined Train The Trainer and Trial Advocacy Training in Nairobi, Kenya representing the launch of a two year initiative combating wildlife crime in the region.  This year's trial advocacy programming  featured the prosecution of wildlife trafficking and included modules focused on supporting the judiciary, prosecutors and wildlife officers charged with investigating and prosecuting wildlife crime--in this case, the smuggling of elephant tusks and snake skins. LWOB's newly introduced eLearning modules were introduced with a movie created by LWOB depicting and telling the story detailed in the program's case file. 

In contrast to previous trial advocacy programs, this program offered additional focus on the investigatory side of the prosecution and the relevant forensics. Consultation with forensic and clinical scientists will continue to play an important role in the two year program--all reflective of the international commitment to support the preservation of at risk wildlife in Kenya and surrounding regions. LWOB is collaborating with scientists from the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, in New Haven CT on creation of forensic eLearning modules. 

This year's trial advocacy program was attended by over 100 Kenyan lawyers and judges who participated in a rigorous agenda that ran from July 30th  through August 7th at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies.  The training teams included twenty-five trainers including senior lawyers and judges from the US and UK judiciary ranks, as well as Gibson Dunn, Shearman & Sterling, Jones Day and NITA. 

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