Amazon Smile: Support LWOB with your Amazon Purchases

LWOB is an approved charity in the Amazon Smile program. Designating LWOB as your charity in your Amazon purchase account will dedicate a small percentage of your dollars spent to LWOB. Believe it or not, LWOB can realize up one to two hundred dollars per month with only a dozen purchases. To get a sense of how your dollars spent can impact our constituent audience–$57 will provide an NGO with an educational game to teach human trafficking to young and old who may be at risk for being victimized by traffickers.

$75 will purchase a crime scene processing tool kit to teach officers how to process an elephant or other wildlife crime scene in Africa. No donation is too small–in the end, your Amazon purchases when combined with LWOB’s own purchasing power and the purchases of other supporters can begin to create an income stream that is meaningful. And, with Amazon–all you have to do is select LWOB as your charity at the Amazon Smile link.

When you shop through Amazon Smile using this link–your shopping dollars not only give to family and friends, they support our charity and rule of law programming.

As part of the Amazon Smile program, Amazon will donate to Lawyers Without Borders when you do your Amazon shopping through this link: