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Record !t Overview
RECORD IT! is an educational game designed to teach the importance of civil documentation particularly to women and children living in developing regions. As players navigate the game, they experience the benefits and lost opportunities that documentation, or lack of it, generate. In a game that takes the players through life’s ordinary events the players quickly recognize how obtaining such things as birth or marriage certificates can create legal protections or provide access to economic and educational opportunities.

Each player (or team of players) assumes a character profile to help inform the decisions that they make as they make their way around the board. The goal for each player is to obtain the documents, degrees, and properties necessary to satisfy the needs and ambitions of their character.  In most instances registration or documentation of important key life events affords opportunities or creates economic wherewithal to pursue opportunities or secure rights in a court of law.
The Objective
Our research indicates that individuals located in the developing regions largely lack information as to why they have been deprived of opportunities or how to prevent deprivation of some economic and legal rights and opportunities. The creators of the “game” wanted to generate the sense of gain and loss, in a real way, to drive home the message that civil documentation is critical and the benefits associated with birth registration, marriage certificates and/or property ownership are real and attainable.
The game has been extensively tested in the field for the last two years through pro bono volunteers and collaborating partners in Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Liberia. It has been tested in large and small youth and adult groups composed of women from around the world.  The feedback process has informed the several revisions of the game to achieve the current product which is now ready for mass production and distribution.  Currently LWOB is in the process of recruiting pro bono teams to create a trainers manual to accompany the game. The project has and will continue to be informed by several white papers and research LWOB has commissioned on the topic of inheritance/succession and land tenure by  the following law firms:  McDermott Will & Emery (Tanzania and Kenya), Shearman & Sterling (Rwanda), Freshfields (Mozambique), Namibia (Jones Day) and Uganda (White & Case). LWOB expects to publish a work on the topic in late 2014.Making this Goal a Reality$10,000 is the estimated cost of creating prototypes and then putting the finish product into mass production. Existing LWOB supporters or individuals interested in supporting this project, please direct an email to LWOB at (put Record !t in the subject line), telephone LWOB (+860.541.2288) or to make a general donation to support production of this educational material:  Click Here .