LWOB Advanced Advocacy Training In Liberia

A team of ten lawyers sponsored by LWOBærecently returned from Monrovia, Liberia after completing a week-long trial advocacy training for lawyers in Monrovia, Liberia. The program was hailed as a success by all concerned, with particular praise for the NITA format upon which the program was based.æ In addition to substantial funding for this program from the United States Institute of Peace foundation, LWOB received support for the program from private foundations, donors, NITA, White & Case, LLP and Shearman & Sterling, LLP who donated funds, supplies and whose lawyers participated in all aspects of the training and grant implementation.

While there, LWOB team leaders Hon. Ann C. Williams and Attorney Daniel Schimmel (Shearman & Sterling, LLP) were honored withæan invitationæto meet President Ellen Johnshon-Sirleaf and had the opportunity to discuss Rule of Law (RoL) issues in Liberia with her and LWOB’s role in future RoL planning.

After two years of planning, the implementation of this program proceeded smoothly. Lawyer participants as well as trainers found the experience immensely rewarding. Already plans are in progress to build on the relationships that LWOB has formed and to continue the professional collaboration between the Liberian legal community and LWOB and its lawyer and judicial volunteers.

LWOB expresses gratitude to Shearman & Sterling, LLP, White & Case, LLP, NITA and the several private donors and LWOB lawyer and judicialævolunteers whoseæprofessional contributions and/or fundraising efforts helped give our program depth and breath.