LWOB Assessment Team returns from Uganda

An experienced Assessment Team has just returned from Uganda after meeting with lawyers, law schools, courts, UN Staff and NGOs in Uganda’s capital and surrounding rural areas. The visit, long in the planning, was the first step towards cementing local relationships and collaborations.

It provided data and information that will inform planned large scale Trial Advocacy Training and Community Outreach programming in development for launch late in 2009. LWOB in the process of developing pilot programming designed for introduction in rural areas and villages. Our visit to areas outside Kampala confirmed the interest and needs in those areas for Rule of Law assistance, particularly in the criminal and inheritance/land ownership legal sectors.

LWOB collaborates with and adapts the NITA (National Institute of Trial Advocacy) “Learning by Doing” method to its own signature trial advocacy training model. The model has been exceptionally well received by hundreds of lawyers and judges in Africa who have been trained using the LWOB method.

Currently LWOB projects are in the planning stages or ongoing in Rwanda, Kenya, Namibia, Mozambique, Uganda, Liberia, Ethiopia and The Americas.