LWOB Publishes Second Bi-Lingual Edition of Proyecto Electoral: La Hoja de Ruta

Lawyers Without Borders announces the publication of the second bi-lingual edition of its book Proyecto Electoral: La Hoja de Ruta (The Electoral Project: A Roadmap to Free and Fair Elections). The book is a “roadmap” that identifies obstacles which prevent multi-party free and fair elections in Cuba. The analysis is informed by internationally-recognized electoral standards and integrates international norms and best practices, including national and local history, custom and nuance. The book is available online at: http://www.proyectoelectoral.es
Methodology and Approach

The book, self-published by LWOB, is authored by a team which included scholars and lawyers from Belgium, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, Italy, France, United States, and Cuba. Its authors worked hard to ensure that it not be viewed as a captive of the political values or biases of any one nation or global region. It is anchored by a neutral orientation while at the same time being firmly planted in the Latin American and Cuban historical experience. In several respects, notably out-of-country voting entitlements and mechanisms, it is guided by legal and historical data derived from the experience political transitions over the last quarter century.

The Proyecto Electoral analysis is intended to be used as a resource and a tool for lawyers, legislators and citizens. Like an actual roadmap, in which sometimes there are different routes to reach a single destination, the analysis supplies a guide for those who seek legal change.