Lawyers Without Borders is a 501c3 not-for-profit that manages volunteering lawyers from around the world who donate pro bono service to rule of law projects, capacity building and access to justice initiatives.

Our goal is to develop and provide legal support to Rule of Law projects and initiatives in the human rights and global capacity building sectors; this is achieved using lawyers serving pro bono whenever possible. This approach has proven to exponentially reduce costs to funders, in-country NGOs, and legal communities in developing regions around the world.

In the global capacity building arena, our achievement in bringing together pro bono lawyers from large law firms, the private bar, in-house counsel and non-profit organizations from around the world represents an unprecedented accomplishment.The success of the LWOB model is a testament to the value of an organization that is capable of harnessing financial and volunteer resources and engaging civil society in a globally oriented collaborative pro bono effort.

Biennial Report (2016-2017)

Border Briefs