LWOB has developed expertise in several aspects of elections from observing trials involving electoral violence to drafting roadmaps which identify obstacles to free and fair elections and map the legal path that needs to be followed to pave the way for democratic multi-party elections.

LWOB’s technical assistance involves programming designed to target all the stakeholders in the electoral scenario from the creation of illustrated electoral primers for voters, convening communities, elders, government, CSO’s and NGOs for consensus building peaceful vote initiatives to working at the grassroots level to improve and encourage voter participation. As the only independent observer who has analyzed electoral violence trials in the greater Africa region in depth, LWOB brings keen insight that brings to its electoral programming understanding of the nuanced causes of electoral violence that so often can be a regional threat to security.

LWOB’s retinue of highly qualified volunteer-pro bono lawyers and law firms are especially well qualified for technical assistance programming. They bring experience to the table that is accustomed to tackling large scale and highly technical projects, institutional management and the willingness and ability to develop all the expertise necessary to competently tackle and resolve technical legal problems and issues.

Projects managed to date involve a broad array of electoral issues, legislative drafting and analysis and labor law and child labor issues.