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Dedicate a Cy Pres gift to Lawyers Without Borders from your class action settlement.
When a class action is settled, plaintiff and defendant agree to a fund amount to pay all class members. Failure of all class members to submit claims results in millions of settlement dollars going unclaimed. That settlement money is intended to benefit the class—rather than revert to the wrongdoing defendant—so the ancient doctrine is now being used to distribute the unclaimed money to charities and non profits. This mechanism is an important, meaningful and unique way for the legal profession to support the pro bono concept at the heart of LWOB–creating more, better and diverse ways for our profession to give back and be a force of change in the world.

Lawyers Without Borders is incorprated as a Not-For-Profit non-stock corporation in the State of Connecticut.
LWOB is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Corporation.
Contributions US based donors are tax deductible as allowed by law.LWOB is not affiliated in any way with Doctors Without Borders.
Doctors Without Borders is a registered trademark of Bureau International De Medicins Sans Frontieres.